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India ranksat 109th position among 124 nationsworldwide in 2018 for mobile internet speed, with an average download speed of 9.12Mbps with a global average of 23.54Mbps.  The country is expected to get 5G technology by the end of 2022 to increase the speed of the internet services it provides. 5G is a fifth-generation cellular technology that will increase the downloading and uploading speed over the mobile network and reduce the responding time taken by the network as a result increase in energy Read more [...]

Impact of Quality on Projects – Tips for Project Managers to Improve Quality in Products and Services.

In today’s fast paced world, there is a need for quick delivery of products to the market. A product, say it is a consumable or an enterprise ERP software, needs to be made available to the customer (or clients) in its correct working standards, depicted performance level, and within a short time frame. There is a need of urgency in delivering products to the customers in any industry. This criterion affects the process flow that the product needs to undergo through its designing and production Read more [...]

Effectiveness in Branding: Does your Brand have the required Brand Potential?

How to define Brands? Basically, brands are more connected with psychology and science brought together as a promise mark rather than a trademark. Products have life cycles. Brands don’t have any lifecycles. Brands are valuable because they convey credibility. Successful marketers strive not just for the product value but ultimately the brand value. Thus, foreffective branding, marketers need to aware about the potential of their brand which can be assessed by the following measures: Brand Read more [...]

Text Analytics: The Key to Making Informed Business Decisions

Irrespective of whether data is qualitative or quantitative, one can use several methods and many tools for data extraction and analysis. What if one needs to extract the most important or stressed topic or the most repeated word from within millions of statements? Obliviously, one can’t sit and read the whole text. Hence, in order to overcome all these difficulties, text analytics was introduced in the mid 1980s. Text analytics or text mining is the most important part of advanced analytics. Read more [...]

Will Startups Drive the IoT Market in India?

Businesses in India are at an early stage of understanding the impact of IoT technologies on their core business. Nevertheless, the increased activity in digitalization of businesses in India and worldwide has encouraged startup firms to focus on digital business and the IoT. Increased domestic demand, availability of highly skilled human capital and favorable government policies are spurring the growth of IoT oriented startups in India. The interconnection of embedded devices, including Read more [...]

Tableau: the benefits it can bring to your business

The Tableau software has been designed by an American software company also named Tableau. This software is largely used for data visualization and graphical representation in the field of business intelligence & market research. Though Tableau handles the development and marketing rights of the Tableau software, the software was originally developed as a research project of the computer science department of the Stanford University. The software was first developed during 1999 to 2002 by Prof Read more [...]

HEAT MAP – Graphical and Pictorial Representation of Data

A heat map can be best described as a colored visual representation of data. It provides a platform to represent comparisons of categorical data through a colored medium. Heat maps are typically constructed as a table by using a continuous range of colors and colored squares to represent the data. The variations in data can be spotted via the varying colors of the heat map table. Heat maps gained greater popularity during the economic recession that commenced in 2008. They were widely used to observe Read more [...]

Online Survey- Benefits of Using Online Survey Tools

With the advent of the World Wide Web (Web or WWW) and electronic mail (email), the Internet has opened up new vistas in surveying. An online survey is a questionnaire that the target audience can complete over the Internet. Online (Internet) surveys are becoming an essential research tool for a variety of research fields, including marketing, social and official statistics research. According to European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR), online survey research accounted for 20% of Read more [...]