AR and VR – The new Tech Frontiers – Do these technologies have the potential to disrupt the existing market of PCs and Smartphones?

In the last couple of years, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies have come forward to become the next big computing platforms.  These technologies are expected to create new markets while disrupting the existing ones, similar to the PC and smartphone wave witnessed during the last decade. VR is a computer technology that creates a virtual/artificial environment and simulates users’ presence in a way that allows users to interact with it.  On the other hand, AR make Read more [...]

Cashless vs Cash-based Economy – What are the Pros and Cons of such economies how do they effect the citizens of the country?

Cashless economy refers to an economy in which flow of cash takes place through digital modes of transactions including credit and debit cards, instead of cash.  This also include electronic transfer technology methods such as IMPS, NEFT and REGT, and Mobile wallets. While there are several benefits of being a cashless economy, some experts reckon that cash could never be fully eliminated as a mode of transaction in a society.  The primary reason is that cash instills confidence among consumers Read more [...]