Effectiveness in Branding: Does your Brand have the required Brand Potential?

How to define Brands? Basically, brands are more connected with psychology and science brought together as a promise mark rather than a trademark. Products have life cycles. Brands don’t have any lifecycles. Brands are valuable because they convey credibility. Successful marketers strive not just for the product value but ultimately the brand value. Thus, foreffective branding, marketers need to aware about the potential of their brand which can be assessed by the following measures: Brand Read more [...]

Text Analytics: The Key to Making Informed Business Decisions

Irrespective of whether data is qualitative or quantitative, one can use several methods and many tools for data extraction and analysis. What if one needs to extract the most important or stressed topic or the most repeated word from within millions of statements? Obliviously, one can’t sit and read the whole text. Hence, in order to overcome all these difficulties, text analytics was introduced in the mid 1980s. Text analytics or text mining is the most important part of advanced analytics. Read more [...]

India Budget 2015: Manufacturing and Job Potential – A Quick Overview of the Vital Proposals to Boost up Economy

The budget 2015 has shown a lot of promise in terms of increased emphasis on manufacturing and skills development. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make in India (MII) program is the driving factor behind such announcements in this year’s budget. From the previous years’ records, Manufacturing declined from 18% to 17% of the GDP while manufacturing exports have remained stagnant at about 10% of the GDP. Given thefact that manufacturing has not accounted for a significant portion of the GDP Read more [...]