Data Collection & Survey

The process of data collection services / survey helps business to understand brand equity, test the brand name, find out customer satisfaction, segmenting products, and understand the market for new products/services

The Benefits of Primary Data Collection Services

Products with higher brand value tend to make more sales and thus contribute to increase higher products. The study of brand value helps firms to identify possible advantage of having the good brand and measures to increase these values and in turn helping the company to acquire more number of customers. Brand testing involves how well or does consumer like the brand. Brand does have an remarkable effect on consumer mind which leads to his decision whether to buy particular brand or not. Testing of brand at the pre-launch stage or later stage help assess consumers brand preferences.

Customer Satisfaction Research can be measured or known by research. Customer satisfaction research helps enterprises to know what exactly the satisfaction level of their customers and all the measures which helps firm to retain their existing customer and adding up their customer database.

Positioning research let us know where the brand stands for in the consumer mind and why any consumer positions the products/company (based on the products, service provided by company, the way products are offered to consumer, etc. Measuring the position will help to understand consumers well and future positioning strategy, whether to re-position the brand or de position.

Market segmentation separates market into smaller subsets comprising of consumers with a similar taste, demand and preference. Segmentation helps companies to divide the whole consumers in to a coherent group of consumers to easily manage and serve them effectively. Segmentation can be done based on age group, gender, income level, marital status, occupation etc.

To cope up with the ever increasing demand for innovative products every company come out with the distinct products and try increasing the market with products features. However, only a few products could survive in the competitive market. A well pre-launch research data collection services will give strong hand in reaching maximum consumers and acceptance of the products. It will help in clearly understanding the consumers’ wants likes and dislikes affordability, demography, etc. and avoid possible loss on product failure.

DART's Primary Data Collection Services

To perform primary data collection services, we have the expertise in all the major centers in India. We offer the following services as part of primary data collection services.

· Depth Interviews

· Face to Face Interview 

· Mystery Shopping

· Online Data Collection 

· Primary Data Collection

We provide end to end primary data collection services, and ensure highest quality of work products. We provide research data collection services to bring out the vital market intelligent, and thus help managers in the decision making. Our results and findings are based on actual market data/intelligence combined with valid extrapolation and estimates. We have been successful in delivering projects under tight schedules with the highest level of data accuracy.

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