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Remote Hiring – Opportunities for Experienced Professionals in India – DART Consulting Launches Remote Staffing Program with its Tech enabled Platform

 The growth of Information Technology in the early 2000, and the further tech developments pushed up the concept of remote working in India.  However, this concept got mass approval with the onset of Covid which drastically modified the outlook toward remote jobs.  It brought up the concept of  remote working, work from home, especially for the Tech enabled jobs.  Prior to 2019, the data related to remote working was not much available and it was not widely accepted as regular job but known Read more [...]

InsurTech and Insurance Claim Processing – Defining New Business Model in the Insurance Industry

InsurTech is rapidly and silently growing across the insurance industry which will have wider ramifications in the industry in the coming years.  InsurTechis mainly the use of technology innovations to bring higher operating efficiency in the insurance industry.  Most of the major insurance companies have implemented one or other forms of technology which would result in faster enrolment, quicker processing, and reduce the scope for errors in its cycle.  The recent advancement of InsurTech will Read more [...]

Who will Lead Management Consulting in the Coming Years? What is Technology Consulting & Relation between Technology Consulting and Management Consulting?

Technology consulting has grown over a period of time around the developments of emerging technologies in the recent past.  The advancement of technology has influenced the everyday life of a common person, and it became an integral part of life.  Technology plays a significant role in businesses, and it resulted in the need for experts in technology in an advisory role to help companies make the use of technology effectively. Technology consulting helps companies become more successful and Read more [...]

Global Cloud War: Amazon Web Services vs Microsoft Azure vs Google Cloud Platform: The Current Market Scenario

The year 2015 marked a new era in Cloud Service Provider (CSP) space.  Last year, the market witnessed two major players come off age, and challenged the leader in the market head-on.  Although Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a head start in the market (being in the business for the longest time), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform were not left far behind.  Both of the relatively new comers in the industry took the market by surprise in the technology as well as in promotional front.  Read more [...]

Minimization of Risks in Cloud Computing: What are the Possible solutions?

Cloud computing has become a boon in terms of solutions for storage problems at the enterprise level. The integration of cloud computing platforms has helped businesses to reduce costs and increase speed & effectiveness thus bringing in increased revenues to not only the Information Technology sector but other industries as well. But does this imply that cloud computing is robust and risk free? Though the benefits of cloud computing are beyond doubt, investment on any technology calls for a strong. Read more [...]