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Smartphones Market– Top Sellers in India and Growing online Shipping of Smartphones

Smartphone turned out to be the most demanded electronic device now days and it turned out that owning smartphone is not just necessary but it becomes a norm.  Change in technology, and rising disposable lead to increase in spending in entertainment and the growth of smartphone segment. The brands from China have 54% share in the smartphone market in India.  The market in India is controlled by two companies, Xiaomi and Samsung controlling around 50% of market share.   In 2018 Xiaomi surpassed Read more [...]

Is International Shipping likely to bring along any Significant Change in the Indian E-commerce Scenario?

Eager to test the waters in India’s burgeoning e-commerce industry, some of the largest US based retailers – JC Penney and Macy’s are placing stakes on selling their products through e-commerce portals in India. In fact, eight US departmental stores have commenced shipping to India and are now accepting payment in rupees. Further, their strong intent to explore the Indian online marketplace is evident through their promotional strategies such as ‘Exclusive India’ pages on their official Read more [...]

The Role Played by Social Media in Sustaining E-commerce

The Social media is revolutionizing the e-commerce business ever since its integration with online marketing and shopping portals. A few years back, applications such as product reviews, recommendations and ratings reigned as the most popular social media tools way before the term social media was actually coined. They not only enabled customers to find out what their peers were thinking but they also provided valuable user data and feedback to the retailer which could be reviewed in real-time. Retailers Read more [...]

How to Prepare a Balance Sheet for Business Plan

Before getting started, it is important to understand the purpose of creating financial statements. The primary objective of any financial statement is to communicate and provide an overview of the current state of a business. The most commonly prepared financial statements for a small business are balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements. A balance sheet is a summary of what the business owns (assets) and owes (liabilities). It paints a reliable picture of the financial health Read more [...]

E-Commerce Industry in India 2014 – e-retailers War Go Online and Innovative e-commerce Promotional Strategies

Online shoppers in India are set for more engaging experiences courtesy the intensifying competition in the country’s e-commerce industry.  The Indian e-commerce industry has been attracting higher level of investments in the recent past.  Additionally, the adoption of innovative strategies accompanied by improved e-commerce infrastructure such as payment and delivery systems has augmented the e-commerce growth in India.  The Indian e-commerce industry has grown by more than 80% in 2013 and Read more [...]

Logistics Management and E-Commerce Competitive Advantage in Online Commerce

The long non-profitable run at the markets in 2013 forced e-commerce portals to rethink their strategies. Indian E-tailers realized that profitability was closely linked to not only their product strategies but the bottom lines namely, logistical infrastructure as well. As a result, the e-commerce majors in India have been effecting upheavals in their logistics systems in a bid to tackle competition and sustain investor confidence. One of the most noteworthy change trends in the logistics management Read more [...]

Social E-Commerce: An Ambience for Consumers and an Engagement Engine for Brands

Social e-commerce is a term used to describe new online retail models or marketing strategies that incorporate social networks and peer to peer communication to drive sales.  Social e-commerce denotes a wide range of shopping, recommending and selling behaviors.  While shoppers indulge in smart buying, brands interact with them to give them a tailored brand experience. Types of Social e-commerce: Peer to peer sales platforms: This platform consists of community-based market places, or bazaars, Read more [...]

E-commerce in India and Expected Turnover in 2014: Present Scenario in Online E-commerce Industry and The Future Ahead

With online shopping available in many cities and to some extent rural parts of India also, the e-commerce industry has been growing every year. The biggest players in the industry are Snapdeal, Myntra and Flipkart. Though the industry has become popular shopping platform for many online shoppers, it is far from making profit. Due to immense competition within the industry the companies are hardly able to reduce the losses and meet the break- even point for the business. Capital investors are falling Read more [...]

E-commerce Industry: Current Online Retail & E-Commerce Market Scenario in India

There is lack of proper clarity in the Government FDI policy and this has delayed the entry of the retail giants like Wal-Mart, Ikea, Tesco in India. As a result the existing domestic retail players in the country are only competing with each other.  This retail competition has taken a whole new shape for the last few years. The new competition is about capturing the online retail space in the country as much as possible. This is because the increasing dependency on computers of the Indian middle Read more [...]