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FMCG Analytics

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry has always been dependent on insights into customer behavior and preferences. FMCG sales are also driven by factors like GDP, inflation, and employment rates which are beyond the control of the industry. The factors like advertising, branding, and distribution can be controlled in favor of better sales. The digital and information technology are necessary business enablers in the FMCG sector to create engaging experiences for customers in this direction.

FMCG companies have greater opportunity to leverage digital technologies and analytics to get granular insights into customer preferences and deliver superior products and customer experience to grow their business. Further, the pricing can be fine-tuned with the help of data insight as well.

Benefits of Data Analytics

DART analytics capabilities help FMCG companies to leverage the power of data and derive insights on customer behavior and develop a personalized customer centric approach to marketing, pricing and channel strategy.

DART Analytics Services

  • Pricing Analysis: Pricing play pivotal role in FMCG sector, hence it is of vital interest for FMCG sector to have a good pricing strategy. DART helps in identifying optimum price for products based on demand.

  • Marketing Analysis: Everyday new companies come up in FMCG sector; hence it is essential for existing player to stay relevant in market. DART marketing analytics helps in identifying right marketing strategy and also provides tools to measure effectiveness of campaign.

  • Channel Analysis: Channels Analysis provides comprehensive overview of the key issues affecting sales, marketing and distribution. It helps channel managers to develop strategies that deliver business results. DART helps in designing channel loyalty program based on the historical data.