Company Valuation and Investors – What are the Different Types of Valuations and Approaches in Company Valuation?

Valuation of a company is more of an art than a science.  No formula is fixed for business valuation of a company.  Valuation becomes very important in the eyes of the investors.  It is a basis on which an investor assumes that the venture will be capable of returning or not returning the amount invested on it. There exists a lot of confusion around the concept of valuation of a company and its actual value.  Generally, value of a company is its market cap (or) market capitalization and it Read more [...]

Disruptive Innovation –How will Disruptive Innovation Shape the Future of Market? – New Technology Innovations that will Disrupt the Existing Market

A lot of new companies, and a few existing players in the market have contributed toward disruptive innovation in the recent past.  Companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb have changed their business models or modified their competitor’s business models to establish new market for themselves.  Some of the transformation that resulted in market disruption due to change in business models is shown in the figure below: With all the above transformations, disruptive innovation has Read more [...]