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The internet connected world has re-written the rules of competition, and further revolutionized the way a common man buys or avails a product or service. The revolution of internet has brought a new market place of e-commerce which became another mode of doing business. This has risen to the market need of empowering not only e-commerce start-ups and traditional mom and pop stores to move toward the online platform but also existing e-commerce portals to opt for a possible streamlining of business processes.

We have developed expertise to pin-point relevant market trends that can offer valuable insights to e-commerce clients who rely on such knowledge to launch new products or modify their existing solutions. Our ecommerce & Internet Industry Consulting practice helps ventures/companies make better market decisions. Through our extensive and diverse consulting experience, we have developed a thorough understanding of the industry and have helped diverse set of e-commerce clients belonging to industries ranging from consumer goods, jewelry, leather bags to real estate portals. We helped clients in taking complete advantage of e-commerce business model to improve the efficiency of the top management and rationalize marketing and other business processes.

1. We help start-ups to adopt a strategic roadmap to build up innovative and cost effective business model to remain financially viable and attract investors.
2 .For traditional clients who operate from physical stores and who wish to try out the online route, we seek to provide clarity on the advantages and the cost-benefit analysis behind such a move.

Our deep analysis helps clients to easily check out the tradeoff between proposed investments and the potential market opportunities and take a well-informed decision to either completely adopt, reject or add an e-commerce business model. We help businesses to build from scratch or improve product offerings and operating procedures. DART has been successful in this space by virtue of its ability to provide:

1. A comprehensive industry overview covering a client’s target geographies and market segments.
2 .A realistic assessment of the client’s business via SWOT analysis and target market analysis.
3. A financial feasibility study to highlight the time and quantum of fund infusion and the probable break-even point required to become profitable in the future.
4. A well-defined pricing structure for the client’s online marketing and promotional strategies.
5. A holistic competitive analysis covering the key features, pricing structure (wherever possible), advantages and disadvantages of a client’s competitors.
6. Promotional methods appropriate to the industry segments
7. Realistic forecast of the demand of products and services based on micro and macro-economic factors.

DART is adept in dealing with emerging business ventures and synchronizing e-commerce portals with traditional businesses. To achieve such a feat, DART utilizes its proficient team to evaluate a client’s business requirement with respect to a unique e-commerce model.

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