Marketing Plan

Marketing plan gives a clear strategic roadmap to the top management to assess the viability and revenue potential of key products and solutions. The key elements that can be typically found in a marketing plan are as follows:

Mission and Vision statement: to keep an organization aware about its overall purpose of being in the business by setting quantifiable short term business objectives that can be reviewed on a regular basis to meet the ultimate mission of the company.

Business Diagnosis: to paint an accurate and an objective picture of the position where an organization is supposed to reach in the foreseeable future, from its currently held position in the marketplace.

Evaluation of Marketplace: to identify strategies of competitors, and to understand product pricing to help the organization to offer its products/services at optimal price.

Determination of Promotional Budget: to enable an organization to allocate a relevant portion of its overall investment toward result-oriented marketing plans.

Feasibility of Business Model: to provide justification for the choice of a particular business model and product/service delivery channel.

Benefits of Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is prepared keeping individual business needs into consideration, resulting in unique plans for each client from different industries. The clients can gain specific insights from a marketing plan with regard to its product mix, overall market potential, and consumer perception to make informed decisions around demand-supply issues and marketing campaigns. In addition, marketing plan will also enable the top management to map product/service with the relevant markets to help them to focus on such markets. A marketing plan can further ease out the process of preparing the annual marketing budget and resource allocation schedule.

Dart’s Marketing Plan Services

DART’s marketing plan offers a comprehensive analysis of the target market, competitive scenario and the unique value proposition with which a client intends to position itself in the market. More precisely, DART

Enables its clients to take strategic steps to ensure their core competency, keep track of broader economic challenges and scout for relevant market opportunities.

Provides an insight into the consumer trends for a particular product service.

Offers competitive analysis to identify not only the potential of a client’s products/services in the marketplace but also the relevant ways to provide unique and customized solutions by taking cues from already available solutions.

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