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Growing Solar Energy Generation in India and Factors Influence the Growth of Solar Energy in India

The recent trends in the growth of solar energy in India points out that the solar energy is going to be the future of energy generation in India. The solar installed capacity in India in 2018 was 26 GW reflecting a higher growth rate of 53% compared to previous year.  The industry reported generation of 17 GW of energy in the year 2017.  The National Solar Mission of Government of India has set a higher target by 2020, and the government has taken steps t to reach the target on time. The total Read more [...]

CRM and ERP – Global Market and Latest Trend – How Will the Collaboration of these Two Technologies Impact the Market?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software has been designed to make organizational processes more effective and efficient. It allows organization to efficiently manage all key functions related to accounting, warehouse, inventory, and supply chain. On the other hand, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software supports the customer-part of the business. CRM manages information about clients and captures all relevant details as well. This allows organization to build better relationships with Read more [...]

Cannibalization of Personal Computers – The World is Witnessing a Major Paradigm Shift in the Personal Computing Segment

Cannibalization is a natural phenomenon related to the advancement of technology in a particular segment, market, or industry.  It refers to the shifting sales from one product and in favor of another “newer” product from the same producer.  The continuous decline in sales of the traditional PCs and the continuous increase in the sales of latest touch devices, including tablets and smartphones is the newest trend that has been witnessed in the last few years, is referred as the “Cannibalization Read more [...]

Disruptive Innovation –How will Disruptive Innovation Shape the Future of Market? – New Technology Innovations that will Disrupt the Existing Market

A lot of new companies, and a few existing players in the market have contributed toward disruptive innovation in the recent past.  Companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb have changed their business models or modified their competitor’s business models to establish new market for themselves.  Some of the transformation that resulted in market disruption due to change in business models is shown in the figure below: With all the above transformations, disruptive innovation has Read more [...]

A Facial Personality Profiling Technology – Future of Fighting Terrorism

Face profiling technology is a new concept which will have applications in multiple industries.  This technology can even be used to identify terrorists, pedophile and poker players, among other types of people by analyzing their facial traits.  It can analyze faces from video streams (recorded and live), cameras, or online/offline databases and match an individual with various personality traits. Faces are tagged under different personality profiles, and each is known as a classifier.  The Read more [...]

Way to go… BYOD!

If you are running an IT company or if you are an employee of an IT-based firm, BYOD (short for Bring your own device) would not be a new term for you to hear about. BYOD happened to be the most debated topic in the recent years, especially in the IT industry. There have been a lot of discussions on the implementation of BYOD in the IT industry in India. Deciding on the usage of BYOD is considered to be one of the crucial decisions made by the top management so as to enable the company move up the Read more [...]

Cyber Knife-Leveraging the market through Blue Ocean strategies in Medical Device Industry

Cyber Knife – the name itself conjures images of scalpels, surgeries, or a knife that can launch a virtual attack; the name itself is tricky and innovative. Well! Cyber knife is a medical device that is used for treating malignant tumors via non-invasive procedures. It provides a pain-free, non-surgical option for patients who have inoperable or surgically complex tumors. In fact, the Cyber Knife System is the world’s first and only robotic radiosurgery system designed to treat tumors throughout Read more [...]

The Evolution of Analytics in Health Care

Currently, analytics has evolved as an inevitable department in each and every organization. It was in the last 10 years that technology has been revolutionized and we now produce about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. This is more data than that was collected in two years, previously. All these changes have major implications for organizations today. In organizations, analytics enables professionals to convert extensive data, statistical and quantitative analysis into powerful insights that Read more [...]

Self-Monitoring Through Smart Clothing: The Next Big Trend in the Sports and Fitness Industry

Post Smart Watches and Smart Glasses, Smart Clothing is emerging as the next big thing that fitness freaks are hooked onto. Until recently, interactive clothing or Smart Clothing as a product was struggling to enter the mass market. This is because it was considered as a bulky electronic device without much of value addition. However on account of the recent technological innovations such as improved conductive fibers, miniaturization of sensors and advancements in Nanotechnology, Smart Clothing Read more [...]

Electric Car Solutions, Strategies and Its Future

Today electric cars make up a very small part of the overall car market. While the size of the global car market is around 85 million cars a year, the electric cars make up much less than 1%. What are the reasons for the low market share and why the electric cars are not picking up momentum? We examine the issues and possible solutions for this market. Hurdles faced by the electric cars Most of the time, the issues surrounding the electric car market seem to be revolving around the customer’s Read more [...]