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The Role Played by Social Media in Sustaining E-commerce

The Social media is revolutionizing the e-commerce business ever since its integration with online marketing and shopping portals. A few years back, applications such as product reviews, recommendations and ratings reigned as the most popular social media tools way before the term social media was actually coined. They not only enabled customers to find out what their peers were thinking but they also provided valuable user data and feedback to the retailer which could be reviewed in real-time. Retailers Read more [...]

Recent Trends in Digital Media that are Changing the Dynamics of Marketing:

 The past few years have witnessed drastic changes in the technologies adopted by marketers seeking to enhance the visibility and brand perception of their products. With most of the competing brands adopting similar digital marketing techniques, the real challenge is to identify a unique strategy that creates a distinguished brand proposition for the product. Thus marketers are constantly finding some innovative ways through online marketing tools to engage their customers. In the present day, Read more [...]

Social E-Commerce: An Ambience for Consumers and an Engagement Engine for Brands

Social e-commerce is a term used to describe new online retail models or marketing strategies that incorporate social networks and peer to peer communication to drive sales.  Social e-commerce denotes a wide range of shopping, recommending and selling behaviors.  While shoppers indulge in smart buying, brands interact with them to give them a tailored brand experience. Types of Social e-commerce: Peer to peer sales platforms: This platform consists of community-based market places, or bazaars, Read more [...]

Social Media and Crowd funding Act As The Perfect Partners: Crowdfunding new trends

It may be a shock for some people if someone will say, “If you are not active on social networking, then crowdfunding is probably not for you”.  But the bottom line is that crowdfunding is thriving because of email, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and perhaps even LinkedIn.  Imagine for a moment how much money is required to promote a brand or individual to the public without Twitter or Facebook.  Spending on advertisements in local newspapers can cost quite a penny.  It may be required to Read more [...]