Electric Vehicles – Market and Trends – Will the Technological Push of EVs Replace the Conventional Vehicles in Future?

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are propelled by one or more electric motors, using stored electrical energy in rechargeable batteries or similar sources.  Even though the prices of crude oil have plummeted dramatically in the last couple of years, the future of Electric Vehicles still seems bright.  The continuous technological advancements and the signs of maturing battery technology are contributing the growth of EVs.  Further, the factors such as declining costs associated with batteries, stricter Read more [...]

Importance of Analytics, and Role of Analytics as a Power Booster Pack to Increase Earning in Business Enterprises

A big part of our existence is about making choices, and preferably the best one. Evidence- based decision-making matters more than going by rule of thumb. In order to establish evidence-based decision-making as a deep corporate culture, we need to understand the vast potential of data. Data analytics turn to be one of the trusted business methods in this context. The importance of data analytics is truly amazing. It can make a business bigger and better. If you have the right business, you can Read more [...]

Non-Alcoholic Beverages in India – How will the Market Shape for Non-Alcoholic Beverage Segment by 2020 in India?

Non-alcoholic beverages are broadly segmented into soft drinks and hot drinks.  Soft drinks typically contain carbonated/non-carbonated water, sweeteners, and flavoring ingredients.  Soft drinks market segment includes carbonates, juice, bottled water, ready-to-drink tea and coffee, and sports & energy drinks.  On the other hand, hot drinks market segment comprises of coffee and tea. In any beverage manufacturing company, syrup or concentrate producers and bottlers play a vital role as Read more [...]