Political Strategies by Analyzing NOTA Votes – Opportunity for Alternate Political Parties in NOTA States

NOTA, or "None of the Above," was introduced in India election to provide voters with the option to reject all candidates running in an election. This option allows voters to express their dissatisfaction with the available candidates while still participating in the democratic process. The Supreme Court of India mandated the inclusion of the NOTA option in electronic voting machines (EVMs) on September 27, 2013. The primary objective of NOTA is to ensure that voters who do not wish to vote for any Read more [...]

Skateboard Platform and EV Industry – Interesting Market Developments in Automotive Market

What is skateboard in the EV industry?  It is platform typically consists of a flat, elongated chassis that houses the battery pack, electric motor, and other key components. The design resembles a skateboard, with the battery pack forming the "deck" and the electric motor, suspension, and other components integrated into the chassis resembling the "wheels."   The first EV skateboard platform prototype was developed by General Motors in 2002. Since then, OEMs and other technology Read more [...]