Startups India – Updated PESTLE Analysis. Will the New Startups Announcements Become a Big Bang for Startup In India?

With the launching Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ambitious Start-Up India mission there is a need to perform PESTLE analysis to find out the impact of startup plans in the current startup eco system. PESTLE analysis is a business measurement tool to assess the overall macro environment of business.  PESTEL is acronym for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental.  It is a part of the external analysis while conducting market research, and it gives an overview of multiple Read more [...]

Startup India – Stand up India: Key Announcements in the Startup Plan 2016. Will it Boost Startup Culture in India?

For the first time in the history, the Government of India has recognized the startup space, and announced host of measures to boost up the digital entrepreneurship in India. Generally, entrepreneurs are scared of government interference, and this fear keeps them away from setting up new ventures. The mixed economy as practiced by Independent India was synonymous with license raj, and spotting right person to pull strings in order to get things done. Genuine entrepreneurs who lack influence and muscle Read more [...]