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The Human Resource (HR) Consulting is a branch of Management Consulting. HR consulting involves assisting clients effectively integrate HR processes, programs and practices in the operations of an organization. The involvement of a right Consultant helps business to move forward, and make available right staff at the right time. The HR consulting requires multiple skills than as understood by the terminology. A consultant with a background in a specific area of human resources along with exposure to other sectors will be ideal for such a role. It is good to have exposures in other sectors such as accounting, sales, legal and finance. This will help HR Consultant to attend multiple issues around people management.

The human resource is directly responsible for the overall administration, coordination and evaluation of the human resource function. HR is responsible for managing and supporting the assessment of organizational needs and the design, implementation and evaluation of programs that facilitate the professional development and continuous learning of team members, particularly executives and emerging leaders and also help organizations to respond to changes quickly as possible.

DART Services

We help clients in recruiting and training, compensation, tech-enabled workflows, Organization transformation, performance management, Broad-based total rewards, Leadership Qualities, Succession, Employee Engagement and Manpower Planning while retaining the powerful assets of an organization. We have experienced HR Consultants who can provide services as above mentioned for short term need or for a long term need.

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