HEAT MAP – Graphical and Pictorial Representation of Data

A heat map can be best described as a colored visual representation of data. It provides a platform to represent comparisons of categorical data through a colored medium. Heat maps are typically constructed as a table by using a continuous range of colors and colored squares to represent the data. The variations in data can be spotted via the varying colors of the heat map table. Heat maps gained greater popularity during the economic recession that commenced in 2008. They were widely used to observe Read more [...]

Logistics Management and E-Commerce Competitive Advantage in Online Commerce

The long non-profitable run at the markets in 2013 forced e-commerce portals to rethink their strategies. Indian E-tailers realized that profitability was closely linked to not only their product strategies but the bottom lines namely, logistical infrastructure as well. As a result, the e-commerce majors in India have been effecting upheavals in their logistics systems in a bid to tackle competition and sustain investor confidence. One of the most noteworthy change trends in the logistics management Read more [...]