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Companies adopt strategies to price their products or services and such strategies can be termed as pricing strategy. It is quite common for any size of companies to define the price of their products or services linked with multiple factors of production. Pricing strategy consulting services includes labor, material cost, advertising expenses and cost of other inputs along with certain percentage as part of their profit.

While defining pricing, the pricing strategy consultant needs to look into ability of consumers/buyers to pay, market conditions, competitor strategies, trade margins and input costs. There are multiple types of pricing strategies and such strategies are known as Premium pricing Penetration pricing Economy pricing Skimming strategy. The name of such strategy gives an indication about the pricing objectives.

DART’s Pricing Strategy Consulting Services

When planning pricing, marketers first must determine what this strategy is intended to achieve, given the marketing, financial and societal objectives they have set.

We at DART can provide consulting solutions in multiple industries including Engineering, Healthcare and Equipment industry in defining appropriate pricing. We have pricing strategy consultants on board who can establish the links between pricing and the attributes valued by different strategic segments.

    1. Pricing Strategy: Increase ability to profitability create/capture value through price   a. Pricing Models   b. Pricing Guidelines   c. Price Setting 2. Pricing Management: Execution of pricing strategies to enable decision making & governance and compliance.   a. Pricing Regulatory Compliance   b. Processes & Tools 3.Reporting, Analysis & Intelligence: Enhance visibility, accountability & prioritization of improvement actions & market position.   a. Price Benchmarking   b. Reporting   c. Analytics: i. Price/Volume Analysis ii. Leakage Analysis iii. Discounting Trends iv. Price Segmentation v. Profitability Analysis

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