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How can Society Thrive Post-Pandemic? Pandemic and its Effect in the Society in Coming Years

We all believe that the current pandemic of COVID – 19 will end come to an end soon, and we all will be back to olden days.  Now, it is time to call it olden days since we are going to near one year since the outbreak in Wuhan.  Look at the current situation of the world which we never imagined a few months ago; influence of a virus on the life of powerful mankind. Let us hope that world would heal as it happened in the case of Spanish flue which lasted for a year or more 100 years back.  As Read more [...]


Doing laundry is considered to be repelling task for most of us, and often it consumes a lot of our time.  However, the fully mechanized set up in laundry services will totally change the scenario.  The laundry task will turn out to be a mechanical process rather than a domestic activity with mechanized laundry.   However, the Industrial Laundry set up requires heavy capital investment in machinery and equipment for washing, shipping, ironing and drying processes.  The investment as required Read more [...]

Emerging Helicopter Services in India – Growing Demand and Applications of Helicopter Services in India

Helicopter rides are one of the exiting and thrilling ways of exploring a destination.  The helicopter segment in India is promising with growing requirements in tourism, elections, aerial work, corporate travel, air ambulance.  With over 276 active helicopters in use, the helicopter industry has the largest share in the general aviation segment.  The number of helicopters is rising and is expected to reach 800 in the next few years according to an estimate from a strategy consulting firm.  This Read more [...]

Know Your Venture Capitals Before Considering Them – A Plausible Approach to Seek Funding from Venture Capitals

  Typically, start-ups turn to venture capital firms when their business start to show signs of growth.  As opposed to angel investing, VCs can provide funding in higher amount which is desirable to start-ups during the expansion stage.  Because investing in start-ups is characterized with higher amount of risk for capital providers than an already established firm, VCs require higher returns for the higher risk assumed. The Right Fit Before approaching the VCs, one must have the Read more [...]

Key Influencers and How they Affect Your Business – Tips to Understand Key Influencers to Drive your Business Growth?

Key influencers are the people who can actually drive sales and awareness.  While in consumer spending, members of peer group or reference group act as influencers and in business to business (or organizational) buying, internal employees (engineers, managers, purchasers) or external consultants act as influencers.  Thus, we can term those individuals who have the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their (real or perceived) authority, knowledge, position, or relationship are Read more [...]