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Strategy is the most important pillar for doing business for any enterprise. It is about earning superior profits and beating the market competition. Business will become directionless without robust strategy in place. Thus, to succeed in any business, an enterprise needs to develop a strong strategy, backed up with a comprehensive market research and supporting data.

Strategy consulting is a process, wherein the company needs to analyze the business it is into, and form a step-wise plan to achieve its goals. It is the industry and practice of assisting businesses with high-level decisions that enable them to do this. Strategic questions operate at a higher level, prioritizing resources among the competing demands to maximize shareholder wealth.

There are situations where an extra dose of talent or brainpower will ensure that questions are answered properly. It is worth spending to answer such questions and setting everything right. Getting wrong solutions would result in loss of opportunities, and may lead to other consequences.

The different areas in which a company should adopt strategies are given below:

  • Structuring business
  • Analyzing growth factors
  • Structuring Business Units
  • Analyzing the market
  • Structuring Cost Elements
  • Defining financial model
  • Analyzing sustainability of the business

There are different strategies for different industry and market. The industries and areas covered in strategy building are given below;

  • Retail Strategy
    • — Analyzing the existing market
    • — Costing of Competitor Products
    • — Product Positioning
    • — Reachability to the end-consumer
  • Supply Chain and Distribution Strategy
    • — Analyzing the target market
    • — Shortlisting distribution channels
    • — Warehouse distribution plan
  • Food and Beverage Strategy
    • — Formulating the product
    • — Testing of the product
    • — Defining suitable infrastructure and machinery
    • — Product Sourcing and Positioning
  • Digital Strategy
    • — Analyzing new trends in the market
    • — Analyzing company’s digital infrastructure
    • — Digitization of the company
  • IT Infrastructure Strategy
    • — Analyzing company’s current IT infrastructure
    • — Analyzing company’s growth plans
    • — Budgeting
    • — Planning the architecture
    • — Sourcing and implementation

DART provides wide range of services in strategy consulting for its clients. Our Expert Consultants in each domain will provide the best strategy to start or expand a business. The industry experts possess enormous experience in building strategies in their respective domains and executing many successful projects. Our team of Analysts provides a strong support to the experts in terms of executing the market research and providing the latest trend in the market, to make the work easier for our Consultants.

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