Recent Trends in Digital Media that are Changing the Dynamics of Marketing:

 The past few years have witnessed drastic changes in the technologies adopted by marketers seeking to enhance the visibility and brand perception of their products. With most of the competing brands adopting similar digital marketing techniques, the real challenge is to identify a unique strategy that creates a distinguished brand proposition for the product. Thus marketers are constantly finding some innovative ways through online marketing tools to engage their customers. In the present day, Read more [...]

The Fate of Smart Watches in the Healthcare Oriented Wearable Technology Space

Smart watches are the latest buzz in the wearable technology space.  Recent launches and rumors have done well in  highlighting the potential of smart watch technology.  The future of the smart watch will no more remain limited to the transfer of apps from smartphones to the wrist.  The utility of the smart watch will extend to solving problems and delivering benefits in a simple and convenient way. Capitalizing on the high potential markets for smarter healthcare devices and the potential Read more [...]

R Programming: The Underdog or The Leader in the Statistical World?

Big Data, Statistical Analysis, etc. are some of the booming industries today.  Experts say that if 90’s were the era of computer science then similarly next decade will be of analytics.  It’s completely upcoming industry with lot of hopes, aspiration and solutions.  Nowadays, companies from each and every sectors are giving importance and also motivation to drive their employees towards data analysis.  Obviously, analysis of huge data, whether it is of sales or profit of different products, Read more [...]

How to Prepare a Balance Sheet for Business Plan

Before getting started, it is important to understand the purpose of creating financial statements. The primary objective of any financial statement is to communicate and provide an overview of the current state of a business. The most commonly prepared financial statements for a small business are balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements. A balance sheet is a summary of what the business owns (assets) and owes (liabilities). It paints a reliable picture of the financial health Read more [...]

Electric Car Solutions, Strategies and Its Future

Today electric cars make up a very small part of the overall car market. While the size of the global car market is around 85 million cars a year, the electric cars make up much less than 1%. What are the reasons for the low market share and why the electric cars are not picking up momentum? We examine the issues and possible solutions for this market. Hurdles faced by the electric cars Most of the time, the issues surrounding the electric car market seem to be revolving around the customer’s Read more [...]