Health-Tech Industry and Digital Health – Healthtech Market in India to growth 25% in the Years 2023 – 28 – DART Consulting

The convergence of healthcare and technology, often referred to as "Digital Health," has revolutionized the healthcare sector globally.  In India, this transformation is evident through various applications and innovations that aim to improve healthcare accessibility, affordability, and quality.  Here is a quick explanation of Digital Health. Components of Digital Health Application Description Telemedicine Leveraging telecommunications technology to provide remote healthcare Read more [...]

Forecasting of Top 10 Industries in India 2023 – 28 – DART Consulting

There are indications that the Indian economy is on growth trajectory, according to recent market research / analysis done by DART Analysts.  The country’s GDP is forecasted to grow from 6.4% to 6.7% by 2024.  Several industry sectors are acting as pillars of support in its growth in the coming years. The financial sector is at the forefront of India's economic expansion, significantly transforming through technological advancements and innovative fintech solutions.  The real estate sector Read more [...]

Leather Industry and Ethiopia – Interesting facts on Ethiopia’s Leather Industry, Challenges, Opportunities, and Future Prospects

Leather has been an important industry sector of Ethiopia's economy for decades, with the country being home to some of the world's finest quality raw materials for leather production.  However, despite this advantage, the industry was largely underdeveloped and lacked modern technology and infrastructure, resulting in a significant gap between the country's potential and actual leather production.  Recognizing the potential of the sector, the Ethiopian government initiated a number of initiatives Read more [...]