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Importance of HR Analytics in Organization – Important Metrics in HR Analytics

Analytics is the interpretation of data patterns that aid decision-making and performance improvement.  The concept of Analytics can be widely used in Human Resource (HR) management as well.  HR analytics is a data-driven approach to managing people at work.  HR analytics, also known as people analytics, workforce analytics, or talent analytics, revolves around analyzing people's problems using data collected to answer critical questions about an organization.  The Analytics in HR involves the Read more [...]

Importance of Analytics, and Role of Analytics as a Power Booster Pack to Increase Earning in Business Enterprises

A big part of our existence is about making choices, and preferably the best one. Evidence- based decision-making matters more than going by rule of thumb. In order to establish evidence-based decision-making as a deep corporate culture, we need to understand the vast potential of data. Data analytics turn to be one of the trusted business methods in this context. The importance of data analytics is truly amazing. It can make a business bigger and better. If you have the right business, you can Read more [...]

How Start Ups will be Benefited out of Data Analytics? Guidance for Effective Usage of Data Analytics in Early Stage Businesses

In order to stay competitive in the dynamic business world, startups need to have an unconventional wisdom of marketing.  Already struggling with a limited budget for marketing, startups must achieve a high consumer conversion rate. The key differentiator between two startups is pace.  Things need to be done at a faster pace for startups to be competitive against large companies.  And, in order to react to market conditions and changing consumer trends, startups today rely heavily on data Read more [...]

Analytics and Big Enterprises Success – A few Interesting Case Studies in Data Analytics

What to do with ever-growing volumes of (particularly unstructured) data and the benefits of slice-and-dicing data to gain insight have been on the business radar for some time.  What have differed in this time are the solutions that have been pitched to solve the problem.  Ten years ago, business intelligence was the panacea to the data analytics debate. Business analytics has the capability to enable business owners, strategic marketing professionals and even business managers to analyze Read more [...]

Data Analytics and Political Campaign: Successful Usage of Data Analytics in Political Campaign

What would you do once a carefully planned task gets the wrong path? Without any doubt, each of us has experienced such a situation through our daily lives.  We just sit back and also analyze everything that happened and trying to identify the root cause of the issue.  Additionally, we also take into consideration the aspect that can affect the situation.  Data analytics is the simple form of analysis that often use in daily lives.  The same seizes true for organizations that use data analytics Read more [...]

Company Valuation and Investors – What are the Different Types of Valuations and Approaches in Company Valuation?

Valuation of a company is more of an art than a science.  No formula is fixed for business valuation of a company.  Valuation becomes very important in the eyes of the investors.  It is a basis on which an investor assumes that the venture will be capable of returning or not returning the amount invested on it. There exists a lot of confusion around the concept of valuation of a company and its actual value.  Generally, value of a company is its market cap (or) market capitalization and it Read more [...]

R Programming: The Underdog or The Leader in the Statistical World?

Big Data, Statistical Analysis, etc. are some of the booming industries today.  Experts say that if 90’s were the era of computer science then similarly next decade will be of analytics.  It’s completely upcoming industry with lot of hopes, aspiration and solutions.  Nowadays, companies from each and every sectors are giving importance and also motivation to drive their employees towards data analysis.  Obviously, analysis of huge data, whether it is of sales or profit of different products, Read more [...]

Electric Car Solutions, Strategies and Its Future

Today electric cars make up a very small part of the overall car market. While the size of the global car market is around 85 million cars a year, the electric cars make up much less than 1%. What are the reasons for the low market share and why the electric cars are not picking up momentum? We examine the issues and possible solutions for this market. Hurdles faced by the electric cars Most of the time, the issues surrounding the electric car market seem to be revolving around the customer’s Read more [...]

Growth of Internet Users in India and Impact on Country’s Economy

We live in an age which is called information age and internet is the biggest revolution in this age. Although slow initially, India is gradually gaining the momentum and is in the process of becoming the country with highest number of internet literate population in the world. According to a report released in November 2013 by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), by June 2014 internet users in India will be world’s second largest online community after China leaving America behind.Rural Read more [...]

E-commerce in India and Expected Turnover in 2014: Present Scenario in Online E-commerce Industry and The Future Ahead

With online shopping available in many cities and to some extent rural parts of India also, the e-commerce industry has been growing every year. The biggest players in the industry are Snapdeal, Myntra and Flipkart. Though the industry has become popular shopping platform for many online shoppers, it is far from making profit. Due to immense competition within the industry the companies are hardly able to reduce the losses and meet the break- even point for the business. Capital investors are falling Read more [...]