Supply Chain Strategy

Supply Chain optimization helps organizations increase operational efficiency, cut overall costs of operations, improve service levels, and profitability. There is a need to make use of business analytics in Supply Chain processes to achieve such desired results. Generally, the following are a few such Supply Chain related challenges faced by organizations:

  • Managing Inventory and Suppliers
  • Maintaining Safety and Quality of products
  • Planning and Risk Mitigation
  • Lack of flexibility in the network and distribution footprint
  • Cost Control
  • Vendor Management

Supply Chain Consulting helps organizations to make intelligent, data-driven decisions at operational and tactical levels. Benefits of Supply Chain Consulting are listed below:

  • Effectively monitor, predict, and evaluate supplier’s risk and performance
  • Accurately determine the demand patterns and logistics strategy
  • Mitigate risk in the various supply chain operations
  • Identify and analyze Supply Chain costs at every stage of value chain
  • Increase operational efficiency and profitability

DART Services

DART’s Expert Supply Chain Consultants provide consulting in every stage of value chain from sourcing and manufacturing to distribution and logistics. By working closely with clients, we offer data-driven solutions, tailored to best suit each clients’ market needs. Some of the Supply Chain Analytics services offered are listed below:

  • Suppliers Performance Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Capacity and Demand Analysis
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Distribution and Logistics Analysis
  • Expense Analytics

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