What are the Components of Financial Services sector in India. Quick Review about the Growth Prospects of Financial Services in 2023- 27

The financial services industry in India is on a constant expansion, in terms of growth in existing financial services firms as well as new entities emerging in the market. The financial services industry comprises various key subsegments. The Financial Services are spread across mutual funds, stockbrokers, wealth managers, pension funds, insurance companies, commercial banks, and financial advisory companies.  The scale of operations range from small domestic players to large multinational companies. Read more [...]

Independent Consultants – Benefits of Joining with a Network of Consultants

Independent Consultants are professionals with expertise in any specific domain or a set of its related domains. The Consulting industry prefers those who possess knowledge advantage in specific domains combined with years of experience in the industry.  At the same time, there should be a need for such skill sets in the market.  Independent Consultants are expected to collaborate with clients in order to bring out unique business insights. Such Consultants guide clients in their business operations Read more [...]