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Growing Health Care Industry and Technology Changes in Healthcare System

There are multiple factors which influence the growth of health care system. The growing incidence of lifestyle diseases, ageing population, rising demand of affordable health delivery system, and government initiatives are a few such factors.  It was further influenced by technological changes, and the tax benefits/ incentives in the health insurance. Technology plays is going to change the overall scenario in the healthcare industry in the coming few years.  Artificial intelligence helps in Read more [...]


Traditionally, the retailing was organized as wholesale market, retail market and mandi or local markets.  Typically, going to Mandi or to market was a common way of sourcing goods for daily life or go to nearby store for small pieces of items. Technology slowly entered into the retailing in terms of usage calculator followed by computerized billing.  Shop keepers and consumers were equally happy with such mini innovations.  Slowly, this has changed the entire landscape of retailing in Read more [...]

Logistics Management and E-Commerce Competitive Advantage in Online Commerce

The long non-profitable run at the markets in 2013 forced e-commerce portals to rethink their strategies. Indian E-tailers realized that profitability was closely linked to not only their product strategies but the bottom lines namely, logistical infrastructure as well. As a result, the e-commerce majors in India have been effecting upheavals in their logistics systems in a bid to tackle competition and sustain investor confidence. One of the most noteworthy change trends in the logistics management Read more [...]

E-commerce Industry: Current Online Retail & E-Commerce Market Scenario in India

There is lack of proper clarity in the Government FDI policy and this has delayed the entry of the retail giants like Wal-Mart, Ikea, Tesco in India. As a result the existing domestic retail players in the country are only competing with each other.  This retail competition has taken a whole new shape for the last few years. The new competition is about capturing the online retail space in the country as much as possible. This is because the increasing dependency on computers of the Indian middle Read more [...]