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Important Points While Pitching for Angel Investment– Importance of Founding Team and Business Plans in Investing Decision

While pitching for Angel Investors one needs to look into multiple factors that influence the decision. The market potential of the product remains as the prime factor. It is important for the founders of the startup to do preliminary market research and understand the market potential, and its influence over the business. They should be ready to explain the valuable insights like the market share, number of competitors, consumer personas, financial margins, and more. In addition to the same, one Read more [...]

Overview of Pharma Industry in India

India is among the leading global producer of generic medicine and vaccine, contributing to 20% of the total global demand by volume in 2018.  The country also has a large pool of scientists and engineer who have the potential to steer the industry ahead to an even higher level.  Over 80% of the antiretroviral drugs used globally to combat AIDS are supplied by Indian pharmaceutical companies. Data collection and Survey shows medicine spending in India is projected to grow 9-12% over the next five Read more [...]

Smartphones Market– Top Sellers in India and Growing online Shipping of Smartphones

Smartphone turned out to be the most demanded electronic device now days and it turned out that owning smartphone is not just necessary but it becomes a norm.  Change in technology, and rising disposable lead to increase in spending in entertainment and the growth of smartphone segment. The brands from China have 54% share in the smartphone market in India.  The market in India is controlled by two companies, Xiaomi and Samsung controlling around 50% of market share.   In 2018 Xiaomi surpassed Read more [...]

Importance of Chemical Industry in India and its Global Potential

Chemical Industry is a diversified sector, which covers around 80,000 commercial products.  The industry is classified into three segments such as basic chemicals, specialty chemicals, and Agrochemicals.  The chemical industry in India projected to reach $304 billion in 2025.  Total production of chemicals and petrochemicals was at 47,882,000 MT in 2017-18, 2.62% increase over 2016-17.  This industry employs more than 2million people.  The chemical industry in India is the largest consumer of Read more [...]

Importance of HR Analytics in Organization – Important Metrics in HR Analytics

Analytics is the interpretation of data patterns that aid decision-making and performance improvement.  The concept of Analytics can be widely used in Human Resource (HR) management as well.  HR analytics is a data-driven approach to managing people at work.  HR analytics, also known as people analytics, workforce analytics, or talent analytics, revolves around analyzing people's problems using data collected to answer critical questions about an organization.  The Analytics in HR involves the Read more [...]

Overview of the Beverage Industry – What are the Major Composites of the Sector?

The beverage industry consists of two major categories and eight sub-groups. The non-alcoholic category is comprised of soft drink syrup manufacture; soft drink and water bottling and canning; fruit juices bottling, canning and boxing; the coffee industry and the tea industry. Alcoholic beverage categories include distilled spirits, wine and brewing. Evolution of the industry Although many of these beverages, including beer, wine, tea, and coffee have been around for thousands of years, Read more [...]

Global Predictive Analytics Market To Reach USD 9.20 Billion By 2020 – How Predictive Analytics will Impact your Business?

Predictive analytics is the practice of extracting information from existing data in order to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends.  Predictive analytics does not tell you what will happen in the future.  It forecasts what might happen in the future with an acceptable level of reliability, and includes what-if scenarios and risk assessment. The global predictive analytics market to grow from USD 2.74 Billion in 2015 to USD 9.20 Billion by 2020, at an estimated compound annual Read more [...]

Technology Impact on Translation Industry and Global Outlook 2020

The economic growth, accelerated global trade, and improvement in technology have brought higher importance to the the local languages n Asia and Africa as well.  Big software firms like Microsoft find it profitable to localize their wares in small languages like Vlach, Belarusian or Luxembourgish.  There are multiple languages and dialects exist in different countries and even in Europe, the European Union members have to communicate in in 24 tongues.  Translation is no longer usually to or from Read more [...]

Electronic data interchange (EDI) Global Market and its Applications in Industries

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a computer-to-computer exchange of business documents among companies.  EDI is an innovative electronic communication technology that offers exchange data standards, for exchange of data by any kind of electronic technology.  EDI replaces the process of faxing and mailing of paper documents.  EDI documents utilize specific computer record formats that are based on widely accepted standards.  However, each company will use the flexibility allowed by the standards Read more [...]

Real-time Financial Reporting – Increased Expectation of Investors

Although the definition of real-time reporting vary, in effect the Real time means shifting from a process of making data available only at certain pre-established intervals to one where it is provided on an as-needed basis.  The technological developments had increased the level of expectations.  We expect to have the latest news and commentary available instantly, and are ever more intolerant of any delay.  Similarly, investors now expect real-time information from companies to help them to Read more [...]