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Rapid technological advancements have enabled organizations to promote products, services, and brands effectively in real time through digital media. Such marketing through digital media, known as Digital Marketing, allows organizations to efficiently track and evaluate their marketing campaigns. Digital marketing is a means for organizations to successfully connect with their target market quickly. In the absence of right digital marketing strategy in place, the overall efforts of digital spending will turn out to planned wastage of promotional budget. Our digital marketing advisors deliver actionable plan of action aligned to your business objectives. We prepare promotional strategies after thorough study of your business goals against strategies adopted by competitors in comparison with the industry practice.

The Benefits of DART’s Digital Advisory Services

DART adopts a totally different approach while handling digital advisory services. This approach was derived due to its years of its experience in actual digital marketing, and not by reading literature and setting up practice. As a first step, we study all important metrics associated with your website, and study user navigation in order to remove anomalies in your website. Our Research Analysts perform thorough review of your website, and its applications, vis-à-vis with your competitors. We look into the defined goals of organization, identify potential customer segments, review the web presence, and thereafter align the website processes to realize the organization's goals. We list out the vital reasons for not deriving full benefit of your web presence in spite of all your efforts along with suggestions for remedial actions. The end product is a set of recommendations to improve your website features including the need to catch up with the latest technology, and promotional strategies in the market place. Put simply, it will answer to the questions such as - How are you doing it? What does and doesn’t work? How it might be done better? Further, we define road-map to implement, and manage marketing strategies against measurable results, and help achieving desired business results. Thus, we provide comprehensive advisory services to implement Digital Marketing which ultimately results in improved return on web investment. In summary, our digital advisory services provide the following benefits.

• Streamlining business processes, and services according to customer needs.

• Developing targeted promotional campaign in tune with the identified customer preference.

• Determining the effectiveness of marketing strategy.

• Exploring further opportunity to expand business, develop products or services that specifically meet customer needs.

• Understanding the change in demographic patterns of your customers on periodical basis, in order to properly position your business in the market.

• Increasing revenue as a result of increased customer satisfaction

DART Services

As described above, we perform overall review of existing processes in the website. We will define digital marketing strategies, set up tools to measures website performance and ability of the website to convert visitors to customers in comparison with those of competitors. The services offered under Digital Advisory are listed below:

The services offered in the field of Digital Marketing are listed below:

• Website Review

• Digital Marketing Strategy

• Implementation of appropriate Digital Marketing Strategy

• Monitoring and Evaluation of Digital Marketing

• Periodical Update

Overall, our services will save you time, boost your ROI, and—most importantly—give you peace of mind.

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