Will Startups Drive the IoT Market in India?

Businesses in India are at an early stage of understanding the impact of IoT technologies on their core business. Nevertheless, the increased activity in digitalization of businesses in India and worldwide has encouraged startup firms to focus on digital business and the IoT. Increased domestic demand, availability of highly skilled human capital and favorable government policies are spurring the growth of IoT oriented startups in India. The interconnection of embedded devices, including Read more [...]

The Digitization of the Indian Education Sector: Finally a reality?

  For long, the idea of implementing educational technology in India has largely been limited to niche segments that include either the prestigious educational institutions or well -funded private colleges or government initiatives that cover only a few rural establishments. Widespread adoption of educational technology has been a long distant dream. It is primarily because of this factor that investors and technology providers have traditionally shied away from venturing into the technical Read more [...]

Tableau: the benefits it can bring to your business

The Tableau software has been designed by an American software company also named Tableau. This software is largely used for data visualization and graphical representation in the field of business intelligence & market research. Though Tableau handles the development and marketing rights of the Tableau software, the software was originally developed as a research project of the computer science department of the Stanford University. The software was first developed during 1999 to 2002 by Prof Read more [...]