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Smart Watches can Deliver on their Potential- A Hype or Truth

It all started in 2003 when Microsoft decided to bring internet to the wrist watch using its Smart Personal Objects Technology by partnering with watchmakers such as Citizen, Fossil and Suunto. The wrist watch provided weather, traffic and stock information. However, the product did not work and Microsoft had to stall its plans of launching Smart watches. The hype around the smart watch, a device that interacts with the wearer’s smartphone to display text messages or emails, started Read more [...]

The Fate of Smart Watches in the Healthcare Oriented Wearable Technology Space

Smart watches are the latest buzz in the wearable technology space.  Recent launches and rumors have done well in  highlighting the potential of smart watch technology.  The future of the smart watch will no more remain limited to the transfer of apps from smartphones to the wrist.  The utility of the smart watch will extend to solving problems and delivering benefits in a simple and convenient way. Capitalizing on the high potential markets for smarter healthcare devices and the potential Read more [...]

The Need for Interactive Features in Smart Watches

Patronized by Seiko (Japan), smart watches have been in existence for around three decades.  Early versions of smart watches allowed a user to feed data, view different time zones, and perform basic calculation.  The next generation of smart watches incorporated GPS and a host of other wireless sensor features, including thermometer, compass, altimeter, barometer, camera and accelerometer.  Several combinations of these features were developed to attract a specific set of consumers. However, Read more [...]