Self-Monitoring Through Smart Clothing: The Next Big Trend in the Sports and Fitness Industry

Post Smart Watches and Smart Glasses, Smart Clothing is emerging as the next big thing that fitness freaks are hooked onto. Until recently, interactive clothing or Smart Clothing as a product was struggling to enter the mass market. This is because it was considered as a bulky electronic device without much of value addition. However on account of the recent technological innovations such as improved conductive fibers, miniaturization of sensors and advancements in Nanotechnology, Smart Clothing Read more [...]

Unraveling the Hype Around Smart Cities : What Needs to be Done Before We Can Actually Become Smart Residents?

Originally a premise of the developed economies, Smart cities have generated a lot of buzz in the country even since the Prime minister outlined his vision of creating 100 smart cities by 2022. In tune with this announcement, a Union Budget allocation of Rs 7060 crores was made for developing 100 Smart cities by 2022. Smart cities with its numerous advantages surely look promising. However, the process of gathering the necessary resources to bring the “Smart India” dream to fruition will encounter Read more [...]

Smart Watches can Deliver on their Potential- A Hype or Truth

It all started in 2003 when Microsoft decided to bring internet to the wrist watch using its Smart Personal Objects Technology by partnering with watchmakers such as Citizen, Fossil and Suunto. The wrist watch provided weather, traffic and stock information. However, the product did not work and Microsoft had to stall its plans of launching Smart watches. The hype around the smart watch, a device that interacts with the wearer’s smartphone to display text messages or emails, started Read more [...]