Higher Market Growth Prospects of Automobiles & Auto Components Sector in India, 2023- 28 with Expected Growth of 6%

India has become one of Asia’s largest auto hubs and the market is to become a key player in global auto supply chains.  The auto components industry in India has exhibited impressive growth in the past decade, both in terms of production and exports.  With the ongoing growth of Indian auto industry combined with supporting government policies, the prospects of this industry are also promising.  The country’s auto industry is a mix of foreign players along with local companies which are growing Read more [...]

Pricing Strategy – Find Gabor Granger Method and How It Works to Achieve Best Price for Your Products or Services

Gabor Granger (GG) method is a pricing analysis technique to optimize pricing decisions under certain market conditions.  It helps to understand the elasticity of demand - change in demand with respect to changes in prices.  The elasticity of demand will determine if the price can be increased or decreased without affecting the demand, thus increasing the profit margin.  GG analysis will provide three important metrics – the demand for the product at various price points, maximum revenue generating Read more [...]