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Start-up Funding Outlook – How are the trends shaping up in the Start-up Arena in India? Which are the most favored Indian cities for the Investors?

Venture capital funds and angel investors are proving to be a big boon for the Indian startup story.  Indian startups such as Flipkart, Olacabs, Snapdeal, Hike, Shopclues, Freecharge, Inmobi etc. have received various rounds of follow-on financing recently.  The funding has come both ways for the start-ups, from their existing investors and from many new investors.  There is a growing trend among the youngsters to be part of startups.  According to a poll by Inshorts and Ipsos, over 50% of the Read more [...]

Blockchain Technology – Banking of the Future Generation – How is it Beneficial over Traditional Banking?

Blockchain Technology, most commonly known to the masses as the central theme behind Bitcoin, is based on distributed ledger methodology.  This innovative and sophisticated technology supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and utilizes the principles of cryptography, game theory, and P2P networking, to function. Blockchain, even though still in its nascent stage, has become one of the hottest topic around the world.  Google searches related to “Blockchain” market intelligence shows Read more [...]

Rise of Fintech Companies in India – The New Trend in Disruption for Indian Retail Banking Sector

The term Fintech is used to denote technology integrated with providing financial services which were traditionally rendered by banks.  With increased use of smartphones and mobile apps, there is a high preference for self-service financial application as well.  Fintech applications are increasingly used for financial services like making online transaction, investment advisory, and payment of bills; resulting in enhanced customer experience, saving time and money.  Most commonly used fintech Read more [...]

Food Tech Startups – Learn from Mistakes and Find out How to Make Food Tech Startups a Huge Success Now!

Food Tech, popularly known as online food delivery business, is considered as a cash intensive business. The cash is burnt primarily on account of spending on technology, customer acquisition (including marketing) and logistics. According to India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the food and grocery market in India is the sixth largest in the world, with retail contributing 70% of the sales. It is projected to touch US$482 billion by 2020, growing at a rate of 104%. The organized food industry Read more [...]

Startups India – Updated PESTLE Analysis. Will the New Startups Announcements Become a Big Bang for Startup In India?

With the launching Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ambitious Start-Up India mission there is a need to perform PESTLE analysis to find out the impact of startup plans in the current startup eco system. PESTLE analysis is a business measurement tool to assess the overall macro environment of business.  PESTEL is acronym for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental.  It is a part of the external analysis while conducting market research, and it gives an overview of multiple Read more [...]

Startup India – Stand up India: Key Announcements in the Startup Plan 2016. Will it Boost Startup Culture in India?

For the first time in the history, the Government of India has recognized the startup space, and announced host of measures to boost up the digital entrepreneurship in India. Generally, entrepreneurs are scared of government interference, and this fear keeps them away from setting up new ventures. The mixed economy as practiced by Independent India was synonymous with license raj, and spotting right person to pull strings in order to get things done. Genuine entrepreneurs who lack influence and muscle Read more [...]

How Can Startups Take Advantage of the Opportunities in M-Commerce Markets?

As more and more online shoppers are taking to pressing the 'buy' button on the shopping apps on their phones, m-commerce entrepreneurs have much to cheer about. Currently, mobile phones present enormous opportunities to entrepreneurs in the m-commerce markets. The obvious reason for the increase in m-commerce is the continual rise in smartphone adoption rates and increased internet penetration within the country. Indian consumers are not just comfortable with m-commerce as a medium for purchasing; Read more [...]

Start-ups driving the wave of change in Healthcare Industry

Time is money! People do not have adequate time to follow a healthy diet, exercise schedule, post–operative conditioning, following doctor’s appointment etc. as everyone is busy rushing for their work, neglecting their health in the process. So here is the ultimate gap that needs to be addressed and this opportunity has been well taken care of by startups in the healthcare Industry. Let’s take a look at where are the gaps are and exactly how the different and yet successful startups Read more [...]

India’s Startup Scenario – 2015

The trend of start-ups is really picking up in India and the scene is only expected to get much more competitive in the upcoming years owing to the large influx of online companies all over the country. According to a report by Nasscom, India will be a hub for 11,500 tech startups by 2020. In fact, the collaborative research effort by NASSCOM and Zinnov suggests that Indian startups, with their unique solutions, are witnessing increased traction in global whitespace opportunities such as Internet Read more [...]