How Can Startups Take Advantage of the Opportunities in M-Commerce Markets?

As more and more online shoppers are taking to pressing the 'buy' button on the shopping apps on their phones, m-commerce entrepreneurs have much to cheer about. Currently, mobile phones present enormous opportunities to entrepreneurs in the m-commerce markets. The obvious reason for the increase in m-commerce is the continual rise in smartphone adoption rates and increased internet penetration within the country. Indian consumers are not just comfortable with m-commerce as a medium for purchasing; Read more [...]

Start-ups driving the wave of change in Healthcare Industry

Time is money! People do not have adequate time to follow a healthy diet, exercise schedule, post–operative conditioning, following doctor’s appointment etc. as everyone is busy rushing for their work, neglecting their health in the process. So here is the ultimate gap that needs to be addressed and this opportunity has been well taken care of by startups in the healthcare Industry. Let’s take a look at where are the gaps are and exactly how the different and yet successful startups Read more [...]

Is International Shipping likely to bring along any Significant Change in the Indian E-commerce Scenario?

Eager to test the waters in India’s burgeoning e-commerce industry, some of the largest US based retailers – JC Penney and Macy’s are placing stakes on selling their products through e-commerce portals in India. In fact, eight US departmental stores have commenced shipping to India and are now accepting payment in rupees. Further, their strong intent to explore the Indian online marketplace is evident through their promotional strategies such as ‘Exclusive India’ pages on their official Read more [...]