A Facial Personality Profiling Technology – Future of Fighting Terrorism

Face profiling technology is a new concept which will have applications in multiple industries.  This technology can even be used to identify terrorists, pedophile and poker players, among other types of people by analyzing their facial traits.  It can analyze faces from video streams (recorded and live), cameras, or online/offline databases and match an individual with various personality traits. Faces are tagged under different personality profiles, and each is known as a classifier.  The Read more [...]

The New Era of Disruptive Innovation – Impacts of Disruptive Innovation and the Ways of Disrupting the Market

Disruptive innovation, or the Darwin Theory of technology and business models, has changed the way of living in the past two decades.  Disruptive Innovation, as the name suggests, is an innovation of technology or a business model, which disrupts the market of the existing technology to evolve to a new one.  This term came into existence in 1997, when a Harvard professor and a well-known businessman, Clayton Christensen, penned it in his book, The Innovator’s Dilemma.  Since then, it has been Read more [...]

Global Cloud War: Amazon Web Services vs Microsoft Azure vs Google Cloud Platform: The Current Market Scenario

The year 2015 marked a new era in Cloud Service Provider (CSP) space.  Last year, the market witnessed two major players come off age, and challenged the leader in the market head-on.  Although Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a head start in the market (being in the business for the longest time), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform were not left far behind.  Both of the relatively new comers in the industry took the market by surprise in the technology as well as in promotional front.  Read more [...]