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Smart Phone Market: Demise of Windows Phone or Resurgence of Nokia ??

From the very beginning of the computer era, the Windows platform has been enjoying almost a monopolized presence in the PC landscape. But when it comes to the mobile arena, Microsoft is nothing but a small fish in a large ocean largely dominated by Android and to a lesser extent by iOS. Ever since the disintegration of Blackberry, Microsoft is the only viable third alternative. The Windows phone is pretty much out there for those who seek an alternative to Android & iOS. The global market share Read more [...]

Scratch-free Smartphones: Longer Durability for Smartphones

It is true that the world has become smartphone-prone arena.  Progress through  Technology Research has made it possible for a majority of individuals – even from the emerging nations – to get hold of a smartphone at their preferred price points.  Then the big question arises “How long should you hold on to the smartphone before you replace or dispose it away?” Such kind of doubts is primarily raised when a consumer becomes suspicious about the software and hardware capabilities of a Read more [...]