Know Your Venture Capitals Before Considering Them – A Plausible Approach to Seek Funding from Venture Capitals

  Typically, start-ups turn to venture capital firms when their business start to show signs of growth.  As opposed to angel investing, VCs can provide funding in higher amount which is desirable to start-ups during the expansion stage.  Because investing in start-ups is characterized with higher amount of risk for capital providers than an already established firm, VCs require higher returns for the higher risk assumed. The Right Fit Before approaching the VCs, one must have the Read more [...]

Impact of Britain’s Exit or ‘Brexit’ From the European Union – What It Means for the World Economy

Britain’s vote to quit the European Union (EU) after four decades as its member has been hailed as a historic decision in a few quarters.  However, the decision has multiple implications on the world economy as well.  The impact on Britain’s economy, the EU, and on the rest of the world is manifold and is cumbersome to determine.  In accordance to this, the term “Brexit” has emerged, which is an amalgam of two words “Britain” and “Exit”. What is European Union? The European Read more [...]

Venture Capital Activities in the First Quarter of FY16 – How did Venture Capital Market Shape up in Different Regions of the World?

In the first quarter of 2016, the reported size of the deals stood at US$25.5 billion with investment across 1,829 deals. Macro-economic concerns across large markets, rising skepticism regarding the actual growth potential of the highly valued start-ups, and uncertainty regarding the public offering remained the major drivers of the reported decline in the venture capital activities around the world. The decline was primarily led by lower seed funding across the world. Some of the major developments Read more [...]

Cannibalization of Personal Computers – The World is Witnessing a Major Paradigm Shift in the Personal Computing Segment

Cannibalization is a natural phenomenon related to the advancement of technology in a particular segment, market, or industry.  It refers to the shifting sales from one product and in favor of another “newer” product from the same producer.  The continuous decline in sales of the traditional PCs and the continuous increase in the sales of latest touch devices, including tablets and smartphones is the newest trend that has been witnessed in the last few years, is referred as the “Cannibalization Read more [...]