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E-Commerce Industry in India 2014 – e-retailers War Go Online and Innovative e-commerce Promotional Strategies

Online shoppers in India are set for more engaging experiences courtesy the intensifying competition in the country’s e-commerce industry.  The Indian e-commerce industry has been attracting higher level of investments in the recent past.  Additionally, the adoption of innovative strategies accompanied by improved e-commerce infrastructure such as payment and delivery systems has augmented the e-commerce growth in India.  The Indian e-commerce industry has grown by more than 80% in 2013 and Read more [...]

Logistics Management and E-Commerce Competitive Advantage in Online Commerce

The long non-profitable run at the markets in 2013 forced e-commerce portals to rethink their strategies. Indian E-tailers realized that profitability was closely linked to not only their product strategies but the bottom lines namely, logistical infrastructure as well. As a result, the e-commerce majors in India have been effecting upheavals in their logistics systems in a bid to tackle competition and sustain investor confidence. One of the most noteworthy change trends in the logistics management Read more [...]

Scratch-free Smartphones: Longer Durability for Smartphones

It is true that the world has become smartphone-prone arena.  Progress through  Technology Research has made it possible for a majority of individuals – even from the emerging nations – to get hold of a smartphone at their preferred price points.  Then the big question arises “How long should you hold on to the smartphone before you replace or dispose it away?” Such kind of doubts is primarily raised when a consumer becomes suspicious about the software and hardware capabilities of a Read more [...]

Beyond Google Glass: The Next Potential Innovation in the Wearable Device Space

While watching Star Wars, Minority Report and the Real Steel movies people wondered whether we can actually have those futuristic transparent digital screens in real life. It seems that the scientific community has finally found a reason to introduce such products to the common man. We are talking about gesture based virtual reality environment wherein a user can interact with a digital system through innovative ways. In this context, technology geeks are already familiar with Google Glass and other Read more [...]

OTP Display Cards: Opportunities and Challenges in Implementation

Present scenario The use of payment cards in India for transactions has been increasing at a faster rate. According to the Reserve Bank of India there are close to 400 million payment cards in circulation in India (2013). The number of cards used has more than doubled in the recent five years period. The transaction volumes using payment cards also show healthy increase of close to 40% annual growth rate in the recent past. However, with the increase in growth rate of use of payment cards, there Read more [...]

The Need for Interactive Features in Smart Watches

Patronized by Seiko (Japan), smart watches have been in existence for around three decades.  Early versions of smart watches allowed a user to feed data, view different time zones, and perform basic calculation.  The next generation of smart watches incorporated GPS and a host of other wireless sensor features, including thermometer, compass, altimeter, barometer, camera and accelerometer.  Several combinations of these features were developed to attract a specific set of consumers. However, Read more [...]