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Disruptive Innovation –How will Disruptive Innovation Shape the Future of Market? – New Technology Innovations that will Disrupt the Existing Market

A lot of new companies, and a few existing players in the market have contributed toward disruptive innovation in the recent past.  Companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb have changed their business models or modified their competitor’s business models to establish new market for themselves.  Some of the transformation that resulted in market disruption due to change in business models is shown in the figure below: With all the above transformations, disruptive innovation has Read more [...]

Virtual Reality in Ecommerce: Will it Transplant Real Time Shopping Experience in Ecommerce?

The growth of e-commerce in recent years has opened up new trading avenue for enterprises.  The websites are playing an important role as the medium of information dissemination.  Many studies have shown that 2-D representations of products are no longer impressive on websites than before, since demands for custom-designed products are rapidly increasing.  Due to arrival of high-speed network and advance in computer graphics, the Virtual Reality (VR) technology emerged as alternative way to resolve Read more [...]