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A Facial Personality Profiling Technology – Future of Fighting Terrorism

Face profiling technology is a new concept which will have applications in multiple industries.  This technology can even be used to identify terrorists, pedophile and poker players, among other types of people by analyzing their facial traits.  It can analyze faces from video streams (recorded and live), cameras, or online/offline databases and match an individual with various personality traits.

Faces are tagged under different personality profiles, and each is known as a classifier.  The classifier represents a unique personality type & a collection of personality traits or behaviors.  The eight classifiers related to this technology are as follows:

  • High Q
  • Academic researcher
  • Professional poker player
  • Bingo player
  • Brand promoter
  • White-collar offender
  • Terrorist
  • Pedophile

The process applied in detecting facial profile of a person by Faception, a firm specialized in this technology has been shown in the below figure;

Personality Profiling Technology

The above process is based on two genetic research observations: DNA affects personality, and DNA determines facial features.  So only with facial traits, which reflect the personality of a person, one can be categorized into any such classifiers.

This technology can be used to predict the best in a poker tournament; proved in a test conducted previously, wherein two of the four identified players were among the event’s three finalists.  Despite many criticisms, an USA homeland security agency has already shown interest in this technology.  This technology can also be used by recruiters, marketers, and market researchers as well.

However, feature for showing negative personality traits need not be available to general public for safety concerns.  With a wide array of applications with many advantages like not requiring a database, any assumptions, speedy inference of people in front of us, this technology can be treated as a huge helping hand in decision making process, while care must be taken not to base our judgments entirely on its measure till its accuracy reaches trustable levels.