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Emerging Helicopter Services in India – Growing Demand and Applications of Helicopter Services in India

Helicopter rides are one of the exiting and thrilling ways of exploring a destination.  The helicopter segment in India is promising with growing requirements in tourism, elections, aerial work, corporate travel, air ambulance.  With over 276 active helicopters in use, the helicopter industry has the largest share in the general aviation segment.  The number of helicopters is rising and is expected to reach 800 in the next few years according to an estimate from a strategy consulting firm.  This is the time when the helicopter industry should come to explore the growing demand for helicopter service in India.  India due to its topography and immensity is a helicopter nation and offers the remarkable potential for the use of civil helicopters for the public good.  Here are the 5 areas where the use of the helicopter is rising and is making India one of the most promising markets for providing Heli- charter service according to the market research.

Election Flying

Recent elections have shown that the use of the helicopter is trending among politicians.  Because of the flexibility of helicopters, politicians are able to depart and land at almost any location.  The use of helicopters helps politicians to save the time of travelling and also, reach to places which lack road travelling.

Growing Demand and Applications of Helicopter Services in India

Heli-Pilgrimage and Heli-Tourism

Helicopter services offer destinations of great interest among flyers to enjoy the thrilling rides and unforgettable views from the top.  The demand for Heli-charter services are on rising during pilgrimage yatras such Char Dham Yatra, Kedarnath Yatra, Amarnath Yatra etc.  and usually there is the shortage of helicopters during these seasons.  The use of helicopter service eliminates the stress of travelling by foot and allows you to focus on the soul-refreshing Journey.  The Booking of tickets starts 4 months in advance from the date of journey.

Growing Demand and Applications of Helicopter Services in India

Corporate Travel

Whether there is the business meeting or an appointment, private-helicopter service eliminates unnecessary expenses such as overnight stay.  One can travel from one place to another on the same day and attend multiple meetings.  The introduction of flight card by various aviation companies and Heli-charter companies has made it even more cost-effective, accessible and affordable to corporates.

Aerial Work

Helicopter plays important role in supporting oil, gas, mining and mining operation across different industrial sites located in remote areas, where helicopters are the only means of transport.  Many aerial work and lifting works are done by helicopters in such areas.  Helicopters are also used for aerial photography and aerial filming for weddings, special events and film shooting.

Growing Demand and Applications of Helicopter Services in India

Air Ambulance and Emergency Services

Air Ambulance is trending is metro cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.  Heli-charter service is also used to ferry patients in need of urgent medical care.  Also, there is increasing use of the helicopter to connect areas which are hard to reach particularly in NE region of India where the government is putting emphasis to connect inaccessible to tourists’ destinations.  Apollo Hospitals’ air ambulance network has recently set up such services recently in collaboration with Aviators Air Rescue.

Growing Demand and Applications of Helicopter Services in India

Helicopter services were widely used in the recent floods in Kerala. More than 38 helicopters were put in action during the flood time.  There was the report that “flying ICU” saved a woman’s life who suffered a heart attack in a remote location in the state.  The helicopter, equipped with ventilators, monitors, suction machines, oxygen cylinders and other emergencies medical equipment was deployed for this purpose. The helicopter had a team of specialist doctors and paramedics to stabilize a critical patient