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How can Society Thrive Post-Pandemic? Pandemic and its Effect in the Society in Coming Years

We all believe that the current pandemic of COVID – 19 will end come to an end soon, and we all will be back to olden days.  Now, it is time to call it olden days since we are going to near one year since the outbreak in Wuhan.  Look at the current situation of the world which we never imagined a few months ago; influence of a virus on the life of powerful mankind.

Let us hope that world would heal as it happened in the case of Spanish flue which lasted for a year or more 100 years back.  As of now, we all have been keeping social distancing, wearing mask more than 10 months now.   However, the life away from full work had a huge hit of our economy, and the economic recovery will take time under usual circumstances.

It is believed that thousands of viruses do exist in hidden form to burst out at the appropriate trigger at every time.  We have seen that finding vaccine is a tough job and viruses are faster than the human thinking.

Another pandemic or continuation of the current one would definitely lead the entire population on full of high risk with the threat of catching up serious breathing or similar problems.   Then the inhaler or oxygen breathing will become part of our life.  If similar pandemic again emerges then the human being will be compelled to change the style of living as part of survival strategy.   The length of social distancing will increase from 2 meters to 4 meters and son on.  The wearing of mask becomes part of life as well as carrying hand sanitizers.  The associated failures in economic and business front would leave massive holes in the local, national, and global economy but we find new mode of living and survival.

Human beings are generally resilient.  Even in the midst of any such catastrophe or its continuance, we will find emergence of new business models as part of survival.  The use of Technology and Digitization will be in the forefront.  The high-bandwidth internet will be an essential item in daily life and we all will give highest priority for internet in our daily lives.  Air, Water, Food, Cloth and Internet will become the basic necessity of human being.  Many new business delivery models and online commerce would emerge.   We can expect new sort of internet connection or faster mode of accessing internet with high speed internet connection everywhere.   Papers and all modes of items which need touch or contact will disappear from daily life. The currency will become a story.   The mobile phones, internet connection and computers will become part of life and nothing will happen without internet connection.  At the end, we can expect fancy masks, masks with advertisement, fancy sanitizer bottle and more.  Selection of mask and its color will have equal importance to other accessories.

Let us hope the humanity will not hit again by such viruses, and we ail will behave as responsible citizens.  We need to eat healthier food, do exercise, and strengthen our immune system.  To escape from similar pandemic in the coming days or to prevent its occurrence again we need to keep social distancing even with the vaccine.

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