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Remote Hiring – Opportunities for Experienced Professionals in India – DART Consulting Launches Remote Staffing Program with its Tech enabled Platform

 The growth of Information Technology in the early 2000, and the further tech developments pushed up the concept of remote working in India.  However, this concept got mass approval with the onset of Covid which drastically modified the outlook toward remote jobs.  It brought up the concept of  remote working, work from home, especially for the Tech enabled jobs.  Prior to 2019, the data related to remote working was not much available and it was not widely accepted as regular job but known as Independent Consulting or Freelancing.  Also, the prevailing practice among the companies was  to take up projects as offshore sourcing, and execute the same while keeping employees in its payroll.  This is more needed due to lack of exposure  as well as limited infrastructure available among the workforce to take up varied nature of work remotely.

Of late, there was a tremendous growth in infrastructure as well as opportunities to learn new technologies emerged globally due to the growth of internet. The convergence of personal computers to mobile phone and to mobile app accelerated such growth.  Now, with pandemic, there emerged multiple online platforms for organizing remote workers under its panel as umbrella companies or to facilitate the remote working in compliance with local laws. The tech platforms like, and are a few in this domain.  According to the Wurkr management, their platform helped many companies to choose the right talents and form an exceptional team with cultural diversity and out of the box thinking. claims around 900 and with 5,000 users under its umbrella.

The portal facilitates aggregation of tech workers remotely. It has presence in 150+ countries (headquarters in Palo Alto) and is not focusing on any specific country.  It claims to have 2 million users and connect remote software engineers with companies.,, and are other portals which offer remote jobs. Of late, such opportunities are being seized by candidates through the job posting portals of respective countries and the eligible professionals apply under ‘remote work’ option

Meanwhile, the concept of remote work has been accepted by employees and employers equally in a recent survey in India. The acceptability among the employers and employees is in the range of 64- 66%. Such acceptability of remote job compared to an office-based job will be another factor for employees to look for remote jobs which would increase the availability of experienced candidates in the India market.

DART Consulting has the option of providing remote staff under its career section of Independent Consultant program.  This option is only available to professionals with 10+ years of experience in any domain and capable of running projects.  DART Consulting manages the workflow of remote professionals and makes the payment in compliance with the local rules. DART Consulting keeps Employees of Record for this specific purpose.

DART Consulting provides business consulting through its network of Independent Consultants.  Our services include preparing business plans, market research, and providing business advisory services. More details at