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E-commerce Industry: Current Online Retail & E-Commerce Market Scenario in India

There is lack of proper clarity in the Government FDI policy and this has delayed the entry of the retail giants like Wal-Mart, Ikea, Tesco in India. As a result the existing domestic retail players in the country are only competing with each other.  This retail competition has taken a whole new shape for the last few years. The new competition is about capturing the online retail space in the country as much as possible. This is because the increasing dependency on computers of the Indian middle Read more [...]

Beyond Google Glass: The Next Potential Innovation in the Wearable Device Space

While watching Star Wars, Minority Report and the Real Steel movies people wondered whether we can actually have those futuristic transparent digital screens in real life. It seems that the scientific community has finally found a reason to introduce such products to the common man. We are talking about gesture based virtual reality environment wherein a user can interact with a digital system through innovative ways. In this context, technology geeks are already familiar with Google Glass and other Read more [...]

Interesting Facts about the Gold Price Movement in India and the Fate of Gold in 2014

In the history of gold prices the world over, gold prices crashed in 2013, after 32 years.  Fears that the US Federal Reserve would entirely do away with the economic stimulus abetted this fall.  This shocked many, as a common belief was held amongst people that gold prices can only go up.  Historically, gold has been considered as a haven of safe investment.  Rising inflation, the recession, limited risk-free investment options available in market, and negative real interest rates drove the Read more [...]

OTP Display Cards: Opportunities and Challenges in Implementation

Present scenario The use of payment cards in India for transactions has been increasing at a faster rate. According to the Reserve Bank of India there are close to 400 million payment cards in circulation in India (2013). The number of cards used has more than doubled in the recent five years period. The transaction volumes using payment cards also show healthy increase of close to 40% annual growth rate in the recent past. However, with the increase in growth rate of use of payment cards, there Read more [...]

Overview of Venture Capital Investments in India, 2012-14: Will More Venture Capitalists Invest in 2014?

The Venture Capitalists are active once again in India.  After a brief lull in the recent past, there are indications of higher investment activities in the coming days.  The VC market witnessed a decrease in investment in the year 2012 compared to the previous year.   It was reported that there was 7.2% decline in investment in 2012 compared to the previous year.  Details of the investment of venture capital firms in India are as follows,   2012 2011 Total investment $762 million $1,094 Read more [...]

What are the Tax Benefit Options for Venture Capital (VC) Funds in India? How Venture Capitalists can Benefit from India Tax Rules?

Venture Capital firms, generally known as VCs are benefited by manner of tax exemptions.  Internationally, VC Funds are treated as pass through vehicles which helps to eliminate income tax at the pool level.  A pass through status is desirable for all funds because their IRR will be higher as the sale proceeds can be passed on to the investors without payment of any taxes.  The final recipient needs to pay income tax and the intermediary body is exempted.  This is to avoid double taxation of Read more [...]

Venture Capitalists & Funding: Basic Lifeline for New Startup, About VC Funding

A venture capital fund is a financial capital fund provided to early-stage, high growth potential startup companies by venture capital firms.  Finance professionals manage the pool of venture capital funds on behalf of the investors.  The venture capital fund is a pooled capital investment from institutions, corporates and individuals.  Venture capital funding can also be provided to the startup companies by individuals directly.  These professional investors are known as venture capitalists; Read more [...]

Venture Capital Firms in India – Profile of India centric Venture Capital Firms and Fund Capping

Venture Capital Firms in India – Profile of India centric Venture Capital Firms and Fund Capping Indian venture capital firms being small in size a few years back have grown over a period of time. India has quite a few VC firms which are large in size, with larger number of professional employees. Venture Capital firms are experimenting with different types of businesses, and are willing to take huge risks. They invest in sectors like Internet, Ecommerce, Infrastructure, Consumer services, Mobile Read more [...]

Social Media and Crowd funding Act As The Perfect Partners: Crowdfunding new trends

It may be a shock for some people if someone will say, “If you are not active on social networking, then crowdfunding is probably not for you”.  But the bottom line is that crowdfunding is thriving because of email, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and perhaps even LinkedIn.  Imagine for a moment how much money is required to promote a brand or individual to the public without Twitter or Facebook.  Spending on advertisements in local newspapers can cost quite a penny.  It may be required to Read more [...]

Who Invests in the US Treasury? What Impact did US Shutdown have on Other Countries?

Historically, investors bought US treasuries on account of following reasons: Stable political system Possible favorable returns Dominance of dollar as a global currency Known as the largest treasury market in the world Higher  liquidity It is known that the other bond markets trade against the benchmarked US Treasury rates.  In addition to above mentioned reasons, there are many other reasons to invest in US treasury.  For example, China buys US bonds to depress or reduce the value of Read more [...]