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New Trends in Digital Marketing – Overview of Native Ads and Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is still on the evolutionary stage. One can find new technologies and methods to bring awareness of products and services through the digital media.  Here is an overview a few such recent trends.

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Native Ads

Native ads are nothing but paid advertising content that looks in a way that is ‘native’ to its environment.   Simply speaking the design and content of the advertising are personalized according to that particular web page a user is interacting. 

For example, a user is looking for places to visit in California in a particular website, the advertisers tends to show their ads with content related to Things to pack for your trip to California, Hiking places in California and how to reach them etc.   

Artificial Intelligence

This is a broad concept on Digital marketing context level.   Some of the benefits are recommendations & suggestion in Netflix& Amazon, Chabot, predictive analysis, Google and Facebook AIs for personal advertising, Content writing by AI.  Google has recently brought artificial intelligence and Machine Learning capability to bring positive impact to its ads campaigns. It is widely used to automate rules to write for every possible scenario an account might encounter.  It gives suggestions to make a number of optimization suggestion for Ad headlines, Descriptions, Extensions with reference to information found on landing pages.

Digital Personal Assistant

Amazon Alexa and Google Home, the AI driven personal assistant that designed to assist the users with smart devices connected with it.   Digital marketers are trying to use the data collected by these devices to advertise on more personal level.   Soon Alexa and google home can give you brand suggestions (Sponsored by advertisers) based on your enquiry.   

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology refers to a decentralized digital ledger that is the basis for anonymous and highly secure applications.   This technology can be used for data analysis, data sharing, e-commerce payments, and more.    While blockchain will not cure all of ad tech’s problems, it can be beneficial in situations where there is censorship and both sides of the supply chain (i.e. publisher and advertiser) are disadvantaged by not having access to that information.   

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the concept of using “influential” people in explicitly market products and services.   They are successful specifically in social media channels.   This will continue to grow and evolve in both B2B and B2C.   Marketers, especially those in the millennial and Gen Z demographic, will want to consider building relationships with influencers, both on the micro- and macro- levels.