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Independent Consultants – Benefits of Joining with a Network of Consultants

Independent Consultants are professionals with expertise in any specific domain or a set of its related domains. The Consulting industry prefers those who possess knowledge advantage in specific domains combined with years of experience in the industry.  At the same time, there should be a need for such skill sets in the market.  Independent Consultants are expected to collaborate with clients in order to bring out unique business insights. Such Consultants guide clients in their business operations to meet their business objectives.  Mostly, Independent Consultants will be non-employee to clients but under certain circumstances, they will have the option to be on the payroll of the Principle Consulting firm subject to specific revenue targets.

Independent Consultants are compensated in relation to the type of assignments, combined with their market demand.  By enrolling as Consultant, one can find multiple benefits including the possibility of securing related engagements, and repeated projects, in addition to the opportunity to establish a personal brand.  There are possibilities of significant learning opportunities, as well as opportunities to explore multiple business models. These are expected to horn up your skills for those proposing to venture out into their own enterprise.

The Principle Consulting company mostly offers short-term consulting services for multiple clients or will arrange continuous jobs to a set of clients, on regular basis.  The industry Consultants will have further opportunities to work as a Guest lecturers with universities/academic institutions on a periodical basis both online and offline once identified as Consultants.  A few of the typically expected services are as follows.

  • Business Process improvement
  • Productivity improvement
  • Optimization of production processes
  • Developing Strategic Plans
  • Digitization of Business Processes
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy


Eligibility Criteria

  • Proven record in Independent Consulting
  • Expertise in one specific industry domain along with its associated domains
  • Graduate / Post-Graduate from top Universities
  • Experience in working abroad or working with clients from multiple geographies
  • Creative thinking, Analytical abilities, and number-crunching expertise
  • Good verbal and written Communication at par with global business practice
  • Matured LinkedIn profile


Why Companies Go for Consultants

  • Hiring consultants found to be cost-effective
  • To fill short in manpower to meet the capacity for projects or to fill the vacuum in skills
  • To get the benefit of an objective view of the client’s specific business need
  • Free from bias due to a fresh look at organizational issues
  • To make impartial decision on burning issues of the organization free from any pressure


DART Consulting provides business consulting through its network of Independent Consultants.  Our services include preparing business plans, market research, and providing business advisory services.  More details at