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The Digitization of the Indian Education Sector: Finally a reality?

  For long, the idea of implementing educational technology in India has largely been limited to niche segments that include either the prestigious educational institutions or well -funded private colleges or government initiatives that cover only a few rural establishments. Widespread adoption of educational technology has been a long distant dream. It is primarily because of this factor that investors and technology providers have traditionally shied away from venturing into the technical Read more [...]

Unraveling the Hype Around Smart Cities : What Needs to be Done Before We Can Actually Become Smart Residents?

Originally a premise of the developed economies, Smart cities have generated a lot of buzz in the country even since the Prime minister outlined his vision of creating 100 smart cities by 2022. In tune with this announcement, a Union Budget allocation of Rs 7060 crores was made for developing 100 Smart cities by 2022. Smart cities with its numerous advantages surely look promising. However, the process of gathering the necessary resources to bring the “Smart India” dream to fruition will encounter Read more [...]

How to Prepare a Balance Sheet for Business Plan

Before getting started, it is important to understand the purpose of creating financial statements. The primary objective of any financial statement is to communicate and provide an overview of the current state of a business. The most commonly prepared financial statements for a small business are balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements. A balance sheet is a summary of what the business owns (assets) and owes (liabilities). It paints a reliable picture of the financial health Read more [...]

Interesting Facts about the Gold Price Movement in India and the Fate of Gold in 2014

In the history of gold prices the world over, gold prices crashed in 2013, after 32 years.  Fears that the US Federal Reserve would entirely do away with the economic stimulus abetted this fall.  This shocked many, as a common belief was held amongst people that gold prices can only go up.  Historically, gold has been considered as a haven of safe investment.  Rising inflation, the recession, limited risk-free investment options available in market, and negative real interest rates drove the Read more [...]

Gold and Government of India: Impact of the Price of Gold on our Economy, Future of Gold in 2014

The year 2013 witnessed the Indian government taking a slew of measures to raise the domestic price of gold, like increasing the import duty on gold from 2% to 10%, and mandating RBI's 20:80 scheme, which states that 20% of imports have to be re-exported.  This wide difference between international and domestic gold prices has led to the legal smuggling of gold.  This in turn has led to a wide difference of about 10% in the market price of gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and their Net Asset Values Read more [...]