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Sales & Marketing are two important business functions, which generates revenue for any organization. According to management expert the Marketing encompasses all activities that help spark interest in your business. The term Sales describes all activities that lead to the selling of goods or services in the market. Generally, the following are a few challenges need to be attended by organizations while planning to promote their products.

  • Business Planning
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Lead & Funnel Development
  • Identifying Channel Members
  • Budgeting of Sales Team
  • Partner/Channel Management

Benefits of Sales & Marketing Consulting

Sales & Marketing Consulting helps organization to make intelligent, data-driven decision in all the above steps. Onboarding of experienced professionals at management and implementation levels ease out a few of the initial challenges. The Consultants can be hired for a specific period of time or for specific hours per month. The role of Sales & Marketing Consultation can be limited to the following or part of it in the initial stage.

  • Plan, Predict and Implement a proper business plan.
  • Co-ordinate with the organization & Develop a “Go-to-Market” strategy
  • Identify, Recruit and Train right personnel
  • Help generate Lead & Funnel for the organization
  • Track sales and make necessary changes to improve the business volume
  • Increase co-ordination between the organization and the market
  • Identify Channel Partners for continuity of business
  • Increase business efficiency and profitability

DART's Sales & Marketing Consulting Services

DART has a team of experienced professionals in the Sales & Marketing domain. The professionals have years of experience in multiple domain and their talents can be tapped for an agreed period of time. Our Consultants work along with the management team and ensure product launching and promotion without much loss of trial and error methods. DART can provide Consultants who gained experience across multiple industries, and provide such services without geographical barriers.

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