Social Impact Projects

Social Impact Projects for Enterprise Companies

We work on social betterment projects and work on such projects with the objective of achieving sustainable development through the adoption of innovative technological and managerial methodologies. There are multiple segments in society where we can bring social impact but we work on the following three segments. Here is an outline of services provided by us.

Community Development Projects for Sustainable Development

Governments generally promote social programs to realize the benefits of economic growth to all, and to bring equity in a society. In this direction, the public administration spends good amount of fund for improving the environmental sustainability. Such spending will be directed toward alleviating poverty, generating jobs, improving health, and for bringing gender equality. Funds will be utilized for education, skill developments and improving public health. The spending in the health segment will have direct impact in the improvement of health and life expectancy which are the leading indicators of poverty alleviation. However, there are multiple challenges in such social programs in the form of inadequate infrastructure, low government spending, shortage of instructors/healthcare professionals, and more.

All such social programs need to be monitored and evaluated in order to measure the success of such programs. Such evaluation helps to identify the bottlenecks in program implementation, and provide indications for corrective measure while designing new schemes.

Energy and Climate Changes

Growth in economy and population has brought serious challenges to the global energy sector. The dependence of fossil fuel and increased CO2 emissions are expected to bring irreversible changes to the environment. Such changes will result in severe pressure on natural resources and environment. The depletion of natural resources and strains in the livelihoods of common people are two such immediate outcomes of such environmental issues. The increased pollution, improper waste disposal, and climate change will be other after effects. All these developments mandate the need to explore more renewable sources of energy for the human sustenance in the long run. The availability of cost-effective and non-polluting energy sources will have direct impact in the growth of economy. This will result in increased global competitiveness as well. Generally, if we can provide affordable energy to citizens it helps them to secure life’s basic needs like clean water, sanitation, food production, lighting, heating & cooling of homes, and transportation. Thus, it is important to develop environmental solutions that are both feasible as well as sustainable for future generations.

Water Treatment and Drinking Water Projects

The accelerated growth of alternative water treatment technologies has brought much innovation in the water treatment process. There exists a growing demand for potable water especially in the developing regions due to the obvious contamination of water. Most of such contamination happened due to the faster economic growth without proper controls in place. The water treatment process may vary slightly at different locations, depending on the technology of the plant, and the water it needs to processed. Generally, chemical or physical treatment plant, and biological wastewater treatment plant are the common process. Biological waste treatment plants use biological matter and bacteria to break down waste matter. Physical waste treatment plants use chemical reactions as well as physical processes to treat wastewater. The adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors are the latest trend in the wastewater treatment equipment market. IoT in water systems identifies water quality, temperature changes, pressure changes and potentially any chemical leaks.

DART Services

We provide services related to design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of social impact projects. We seek to address complex challenges, and provide high quality services. We provide these services through our panel of expert team of social scientists, economists, and management professionals. Our social development experts have extensively participated in similar projects to understand narratives of programs, and provide appropriate suggestions for overcoming such challenges. Our team focuses on women & children segment, labor market, urban planning, and designs in social programs.

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