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Venture Capital Firms in India – Profile of India centric Venture Capital Firms and Fund Capping

Venture Capital Firms in India – Profile of India centric Venture Capital Firms and Fund Capping

Indian venture capital firms being small in size a few years back have grown over a period of time. India has quite a few VC firms which are large in size, with larger number of professional employees. Venture Capital firms are experimenting with different types of businesses, and are willing to take huge risks. They invest in sectors like Internet, Ecommerce, Infrastructure, Consumer services, Mobile software, Agriculture, Food processing, Banking and Financials, and more. Indian venture capital firms have flourished as a result of a large number of entrepreneurial activities being undertaken in the country.

The Venture Capitalists look for right venture to invest. They understand that each venture is unique with their respective entrepreneurs. Venture capitalists understand what is best for their business and work as trusted partner to bring out the creativity of each of the entrepreneur. More and more young professionals from premier institutes like the IITs and IIMs are starting up their own innovative businesses. These startups usually offer a new technologically advanced product or service.

A lot of entrepreneurial energy was developed in the recent past due to the extremely low capital requirements of startups. VC firms not only bring in the money, but also the requisite expertise and professional connections. VC firms also assist in promotions, like content marketing, professional events, and paid advertising. VC firms play a huge role in recruiting the right candidates for the startup as well. VC firms have their own policy on investments and fix fund cap in first level of funding.

A few details about VC firms in India, with their focused sectors and fund capping in the first round of investments are given below.

Name of VC firm Website Major Sectors Investment Size Locations in India
Nexus India Capital Innovative Product & Technology companies across various sectors. $10 million Bangalore& Mumbai
Accel Partners India Infrastructure, Internet & Consumer Services, Mobile Software, and Cloud-Enabled Services startups. Not defined. Bangalore
IDG Ventures India Technology & Technology Enabled Ventures. $1 million to $10 million Bangalore & Delhi
Inventus (India) Advisory Company Consumer, Internet & Media, Software-As-A-Service, Mobile Technology, Knowledge-Based Services. $1 million to $2 million Bangalore
Indian Angel Network Agriculture, Food processing, Banking and Financial Services, Biotech, Life Sciences, Clean tech and Water, Education, Healthcare, High end BPO / KPO. $1 million Delhi & Mumbai
India Innovation Investors Information and Communication Technologies and Life Sciences. $0.25 million to $1 million Bangalore
Epiphany Ventures Early stage businesses, across various industries. $0.5 million to $3 million Mumbai
Mumbai Angels Agriculture, e-Commerce, Education, Finance, Gaming, Healthcare, IT, Media & Entertainment, and Telecom. $0.2 million to $0.5 million Mumbai
5ideas Internet, B2B/SME focused SAAS, Big data. $0.5 million Delhi
Ojas Venture Partners Mobile technology, Telecom, Software as a Service, Embedded Software, Low capex semiconductor, Web applications/ services and Consumer Internet businesses.. $0.25 million to $1.5 million Bangalore